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Single crystal synthetic sapphire is the turnkey material for LED and semiconductor industries
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We provide you with: pure alumina feedstock, single crystal synthetic sapphire, KY - method crystal growth furnace systems
Saphire products
Thanks to its unique properties, sapphire is used in all industries that require materials characterized by a high hardness (9 in Mohs scale) and strength, a unique crystallographic structure, special chemical and physical properties, as well as permeability of visible and invisible light. Among the numerous areas of application of sapphire, one can find the following:

The sapphire crystals offered by Juropol are used for production of white and blue Light Emitting Diodes. LEDs are used in several industries: for illumination of liquid crystal displays of TV sets, mobile phones and monitors, for car and street lights, as well as for home applications such as lighting, flashlights, etc.

For the LED industry, Juropol offers C-plane grown sapphire ingots up to 6“ in diameter.


Thanks to their unique properties and high quality, the sapphire crystals produced by Juropol are an indispensable material for semiconductors. Solutions such as Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs) would not exist without the use of unique properties of Silicon and Sapphire (SoS). Exemplary applications include remote control using high frequency signals and reception of mobile telephony signals.

The knowledge of processes occurring during sapphire crystal growth makes it possible for us to achieve products having the best properties. That is why our sapphire ingots are appreciated by the most demanding manufacturers of semiconductors.

For the semiconductor industry, we offer R-plane grown sapphire ingots up to 6“ in diameter.


Sapphire is an appreciated material for highly-durable products (watch glasses, prisms, bearings) and optical applications (readers, detectors, lasers). It is also used as a component in medical devices. For the above-mentioned and other industries, Juropol offers sapphire in various forms and shapes:

  • sapphire plates,
  • sapphire cylinders,
  • sapphire rods,
  • sapphire disks and others.


Alumina fedstock

Knowledge, efficient equipment and human skills are extremely important, however, the essential component for the production of high quality sapphire material is the highest quality raw material – Al2O3.

In cooperation with the POLYCOR company, Juropol created a highly efficient technological process of production of pure aluminium oxide, which serves as the base material for producing sapphire crystals. What makes us special is the unique, patented powder refinement technology that allows eliminating any impurities left after the raw material production process.

The 99.999%-pure aluminium oxide that we offer may be supplied as a granulated product or in the form of a block matching the shape of crucible used to produce crystals, which allows optimizing the furnace charge, considerably reduces the duration of this operation, and what is extremely important, reduces the possibility of penetration of impurities that usually, with a conventional charge, enter the furnace during breaking up or laying little pieces of raw material in the furnace.

Constant control of quality of the material on all stages of production is realized using analytical devices. This, along with fabrication of the final product, which is a high quality crystal, makes for the most reliable confirmation of raw material quality.

For more information about the raw material, please contact us.

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What's new
Semicon Shanghai 2014

On March 18th-20th we will participate in the biggest semiconductor industry trade exhibition in Shanghai - Semicon 2014. 

During that time you can step in to our booth nr. 1571 at  Shanghai New Expo Exhibition Centre. For more information please refer  here.


Juropol - Forbes' Diamond 2013

We are proud to inform you that Juropol Ltd. has appeared at this year’s  prestigious list of the Forbes’ Diamonds.  The list reveals the companies which achieved the fastest value growth rate in regards to financial results  as per: assets, current solvency, own capital and profitability within the years 2009-2011. Juropol was classified as the 36th company in Poland in overall ranking (6th place in Mazovia Voivodeship). The companies  received the highest ratings from business intelligence agencies. What makes us really happy about this commendation  is the fact that, it has been granted for the time period when world economic crisis occurred and we have managed to stay on the safe side. We strive to work hard in order to stay on the path of fast development, become more and more credible and economically firm organization.


Juropol brings the industry standards up to 3300 mm TIE of the 65 kg crystal

We are glad to announce that Juropol has achieved the maximum level of 3300 mm TIE usable material for LED sapphire substrate material of the 65 kg sapphire boule.   The crystals were grown in several runs to confirm the output level. The crystal growth equipment put into use was Juropol’s proprietary furnace – Jahont 60. This brings the industry yield level into the new standards.

Given these developments Jahont 60 proves its efficiency and advantage over regular 80-85 kg  Kyropoulos crystal growth equipment available on the market. This was achieved thanks to constant investment in staff training and R&D and putting into use real time PLC controllers.

Juropol is proud of its achievements and will continue developing the techniques for efficient production of the quality sapphire single crystals.

Company profile

Juropol Sp. z o. o. is a family business founded in 1995. Initially, the firm produced and processed high quality quartz glass. In 2001, it extended its activity to the supply of raw materials for glass production and metallurgy. The decision to launch sapphire crystal production and enter an entirely new market was a turning point. The year 2007 marked the beginning of its way to emerging among global sapphire suppliers. Motivation and enthusiasm of our team and its constant pursuit of improving processes and product quality came to be a solid foundation for establishing a position of a reliable supplier of high quality crystals. Sapphire became an inspiration for further work. Based on observations, insightful research and professional experience, the development-oriented team of Juropol took a step further and designed its own furnace for growing sapphire crystals using the Kyropoulos method. In 2010, these furnaces complemented our offer along with training courses for future users. In the same year, a market niche has been filled by founding POLYCOR Sp. z o. o., a subsidiary company producing raw material used for sapphire crystal growth. POLYCOR‘s unique raw material refinement technology and self-developed production line allow manufacturing an optimal, tailored raw material.

Our constant research and innovation-oriented approach make us a strong supplier – a supplier worth cooperating with to create entirely new, complex solutions.

For the present, we offer our Customers:

  • sapphire ingots up to 6“ in diameter;
  • furnaces for growing sapphire crystals using the Kyropoulos method, along with theoretical and practical training courses for future users of devices, conducted on furnaces in our headquarters;
  • an ultra-pure (99.999%) raw material for sapphire crystal growth: Al2O3 – aluminum oxide;
Saphire furnance systems

Our practical experience in growing sapphire crystals using the Kyropoulos method, gained since 2007, engaged us to design our own furnaces. They include unique solutions that facilitate and improve the crystal growth process. The implemented improvements and modern technical and technological solutions ensure stable control conditions, which guarantee a highly efficient production of high quality crystals. The furnaces offered by Juropol ensure functionality of solutions through stability and a full and running process control. Both these factors are essential for achieving high efficiency of mass production of high quality sapphire.

A highly automated working environment with a low operational risk and a self-developed heating zone allows minimization of crystal production costs, while a user-friendly, intuitive control interface allows device communication.

For more information about the furnaces and project implementations, please contact us.

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